Will I fall in? What do I wear? Do we have a safe place to store our valuables?

The Why, Where and How of Aqua Vida's Floating Classes

What are the benefits of floating my yoga practice or my workout?

•   low impact

•   balance training and core stabilization

•   body must engage secondary muscles we overlook in strength training and cardio exercise

•   board naturally realigns body (left and right) and there is a release as well as you let go to the sway of the board

•   board is your partner, showing you your imbalances and strengths/weaknesses

•   full engagement, mind and body

•   deep concentration as you find the balance within each pose

•   your senses are invigorated as you feel the sun on the skin, cool breeze, and watch the mesmerizing water all around you

•   The gentle rocking of the board is incredibly tranquil for the body, relaxing the nervous system

•   Fresh Air and Vitamin D

•   It’s fun and playful!

Will I fall in?

Aqua Vida’s classes are designed to be stable. We build our practice by starting low and connecting with the board, then gradually rising to a standing flow. Our teachers offer modifications to add ease or challenge to every pose. We offer playtime at every class, which opens up the opportunity to explore more poses that are inherently unstable – sometimes a splash or two may happen here!

You will get wet though! Our hands, feet, back and abdomen touch the water and so we recommend you do bring a towel and/or change of clothing for after class!

What should I wear/bring?

A swimsuit or yoga/athletic clothing are recommended. Bring your own towel, a bottle of water and your sense of adventure!

Where do we meet?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class. 


INDOOR POOL PROGRAM - we meet at Drexel's Daskalakis Athletic Center Pool. Please remember to bring a photo ID.

Click here for the exact location.

OUTDOOR SUMMER PROGRAM - we meet at Penn's Landing Marina. If you need assistance, please ask one of the park attendants and they will direct you to the marina.

Click here for the exact location.

New Jersey:

INDOOR POOL PROGRAM - we meet at Forrestal Village Fitness Pool.

Click here for the exact location.

OUTDOOR SUMMER PROGRAM - we launch at the beach across the lake from Lago Restaurant (230 Washington Place, North Brunswick, NJ 08902). You can park either right in their lot and walk over the bridge to the gravel beach, or you can park right on the beach.

Click here for the exact location.

What if I can’t find you?

Please either call or text (973) 951-1204.

What is your cancellation policy?

** Reservation policy: 48 hour or more cancellation - 100% refund, 24 hour or more cancellation - 50% refund, day of cancellation or no show - no refund **

If class is cancelled because of the weather, see below (What happens if it rains?).


What about the water quality?

Aqua Vida’s combined 17+ years of experience paddling and recreating on the waters of the tri-state area has given us a knowledge about the waterways that you won’t find at any other studio. We have a treasure trove of tools that we use to decide whether or not to host class. If you find yourself on the water with us, you can be sure you’re golden!

What happens if it rains?

We love our outdoor program, but it places us at the mercy of Mother Nature! Our classes are weather permitting - if there is precipitation any time in the 24 hour prior to the start of class, or 40% or more chance of rain within two hours of class, class will be cancelled and we will offer you a spot in the next available class, or any future class, or offer a full refund. If class is scheduled, and rain begins an hour or more into the class, there will be no refunds.

Why should I choose Aqua Vida’s Floating Classes?

Aqua Vida is a water-loving, socially-responsible and conscious community offering opportunities to cultivate and nurture a strong mind/body connection through floating yoga and floating fitness classes and workshops, as well as local conservation initiatives, and Seva retreats and events.

For so long, humans respected their rivers as a source of sustenance, of water, of recreation and of healing. So many people have forgotten that respect and appreciation for our waters and have forgotten that we are here because of it. The first civilizations were born of the waters of the rivers. They're the veins of the ocean, and we want to connect people to the heartbeat that circulates it.

There was a time when the citizens of Philadelphia swam in these waters. Imagine a beach right here, on the Delaware, or at the lake in New Jersey where we have another studio. That is our vision. We want to love our rivers again. 

1% of each reservation is donated towards local water conservation efforts. Let's keep our waterways healthy so we can continue to live the Aqua Vida way.

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