Aqua Vida is dedicated to teaching chidren how to safely stand up paddle board while building good sportsmanship and leadership skills, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. In Hawaii, the word for children is KEIKI. There, keiki are born into the water. Ancient cultures have long appreciated water for its ability to promote health and joy. We believe our kids deserve that too!

In addition to connecting with the water via paddling, our wave-making instructors also teach the children the fundamentals of water ecology, including basic water conservation, fresh and marine life, and the hydrologic cycle. We believe that children share a deep desire to care for the planet and their environment, and we are dedicated to offering them that opportunity through education and activism.

Our AquaKids SUP Clinic will open their eyes to the magic of being on the water. By the end of the clinic, the kids will master the basic motor skills required to properly stand up paddle board and have had a blast with all the fun water activities!

All Skill Levels Welcome! **All children are required to swim**

Clinics held through East Brunswick Parks & Rec Dept ~ Two Sessions ($149 resident/$169 non-resident):

  • Mondays - 7/11-7/3 6:00pm-7:15pm
  • Mondays - 8/7-8/28 6:00pm-7:15pm

Email [email protected] to enroll! Only a few spots left!

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